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iSquare Patent & Law Firm

iSquare has patent attorneys, a branding experts group, and licensing experts to provide a full range of specialized and practical legal services. iSquare provides general consulting services associated with ideation, including idea mining services via an idea incubation system, intellectual property (IP) services covering prosecution, trial and litigation relating to domestic and foreign patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs, and branding and technical transfer – all of which breathe life into the value of intellectual property rights.

In particular, iSquare specialized in IT patents has taken the lead in protection of new ideas and new inventions at the cutting edge of rapidly changing IT technologies. We are doing our best to enable innovations, originating in Korea, to empower many people globally, and to bring science fiction into reality through the efforts of developers.

Small seeds

A variety of small seeds are sown. We know that among these seeds, there are those which enrich our future, ranging from seeds of roses bearing beautiful flowers to seeds of green plants. iSquare is looking forward to meeting the small seeds that lead the growth of the world.

Watch out baobab tree!

Until intangible ideas and new thinking are brought into meaningful existence, solutions for complex and delicate matters must be taken into account. Our expert groups, having wide experience in a variety of IT fields, as well as our legal knowledge, will support you in preparing perfect legal protective means so that you are free from any danger of infringement.

Fruits of values and innovation

In order to breathe life into a single intellectual property right, strategies and networks based on actual business experience as well as branding, marketing and financial services are required. iSquare has accumulated knowhow with respect to innovation engineering through various IT startup experiences in Korea and in Silicon Valley, USA; in addition to having led the realization of borderless innovations via cooperation with foreign associates. Ideas serve as the seeds of a reality that takes the form of the abundant valuable fruits of innovation.

Until the moment that your precious idea is realized, iSquare will be your partner.